Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department


Learn the skills necessary to protect yourself and families in an emergency situation. Become a member of a community action team. Your fire department is willing to train you for structural firefighting, Emergency First Aid (First Responder Program), apparatus operation and more. Must be 19 years of age, no experience necessary. All equipment and training will be furnished.

If you are a committed individual, physically fit and interested in becoming part of our team, pick up an application form at Fire hall #1, 310 Kinchant St, between 8 am and noon, Monday to Friday or download the package and drop it off with us, we can answer any of your questions then.

Click the link above to download this Form, print it and drop it off at
Firehall #1, 310 Kinchant St.
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A large percentage of our members have now completed NFPA 1001 Firefighter Certification.

Fire Department Training Outline

The Quesnel Fire Department offers a complete training program allowing a new recruit fire fighter, experience and knowledge to safely engage in fire fighting duties.
Our program complies with the Firefighter Certification Program, leading to NFPA 1001 Firefighter Certification Level II.

This allows our members to safely participate in fire fighting duties.
I would like to mention that new members are limited on what level of fire attack they may perform until experience is obtained.
Training is scheduled Tuesday evenings at 7pm and Wednesday mornings at 10am to cover shift workers, each session is 2 hours long.
Some other training topics we offer for our fire fighters are:
- High Angle & Confined Space Technical Rescue
- Class 3 Drivers License license
- Air brake Endorsement
- First Responder Level 3 with endorsements
- Hazardous Materials Awareness, Operations and Technician Levels
- C.P.R.
- Fire Fighter Certification Program levels 1 & 2
- Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF)

Introduction to Fire Department Operations
Fire Behavior
Personal Protective Equipment
Electrical Safety for Fire Fighters
S.C.B.A. Theory
Search and Rescue in a structure
Fire Hose Theory
Fire Streams Theory
Fire Streams Practical
Ropes and Knots
Ground Ladders
Ladder Rescue
Water Supply(Hydrants)
Water Supply (Dump Tank)
Apparatus Familiarization
Propane Emergencies
Basics of Fire Investigations